About - Nornilla - luxurious, handwoven fabrics and historical jewelry replicas 

Dear fellow reenactor,                          Are you tired of searching for good quality fabrics, which are trully natural and handwoven in historically accurate weaves? Your struggle is over - you have found the right place to buy high quality historical jewellery replicas and natural, luxurious fabrics for your reenactment and living history costumes!

My name is Gracjana and I've been a Viking reenactor for 14 years already! 
Reenactment is what my life is all about : my passion and my work.
I spend hours on researching and reading books and articles about ancient times and I do my best to offer you fantastic, historical and only natural fabrics and amazing silver jewellery replicas (yes, like you, I am also very picky in my choices). 
I am also a crazy plant lady and do natural plant dyeing of fabrics. I only use those plants that are confirmed by archeological reports. Some of the plants I gather in nature, some I grow in my garden.  All to meet the high standards of historical accuracy cherished by myself and my customers. And believe me - I am just starting! I have plans for amazing stuff all Vikings and Slavs will fall in love with. :D 

You're very welcome to browse this website and contact me, if you have any questions or requests.
I hope to hear from you soon or see you at one of the historical events! 

Kisses and Vikings hugs!
Gracjana - reads as Gratzyana, if you wonder. ;) 

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